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The New HotelPortal Statistics Dashboard

Posted on Aug 10, 2018 10:56:27 AM

A new way to analyze your statistics — The New Hotel Portal Statistics Dashboard introduces better visualization with a simpler and more intuitive approach. Meet a familiar user experience that continues to deliver up-to-date insights to keep hotels in the know. See how many devices are online, activated, and in use at a glance. What’s the difference? We’ve included a list of important terms below to bring you up to speed on what’s what. Keep reading!

To ready you for this new dashboard interface, we’ve shared key updates on what’s included to help you find your way around. We promise it is easy to navigate — and this article (cheat sheet) will help you along the way to make strategic decisions faster!




Why Are We Building It?

The new dashboard is faster, with a better design to reflect hotel’s key areas of interest instantly. We wanted to make the dashboard even more natural to use. Upon first viewing, hotels will be able to see the most important figures as a whole, such as total and daily average rates of activation and utilization. As the page scrolls, the dashboard is tailored to provide more in-depth insight. The new statistics dashboard is also more adaptable, redesigned with flexibility to anticipate your future needs and deliver greater value to each hotel partner. Soon you will be able to do more with added features and statistic overviews in the future.

How is the New Statistics Dashboard Structured?

For better visualization, we’ve separated the data into five tabs – Device, Push Message, In-Room Dining, Guest Satisfaction, and handy ICON. Counts & percentages have been added to assimilate data with greater clarity, and a monthly report can be generated for any period at any time with a desired date range.

Everything Explained

Become familiar with the new hotel portal. Easily find the analytics you need on each tab. Here are a list of handy terms we use throughout:

Online: A device is considered online if we have detected a signal within the last 24 hours, we ping a device every 30 minutes

Erase Data: The process of resetting and permanently clearing personal information from a device, generally occurring at the end of a guests’ stay

Activation: A device is considered activated when the user has agreed to the T&Cs and clicked the next arrow on the Welcome Screen; occurs once only after data is erased

Utilization: When a device has been activated (see Activation) and the screen is then locked and unlocked again. A single utilization is counted per 24-hour period no matter how many times a display screen is unlocked.

How to download and print report?

Sometimes you need to download a report for your records, or to share with your hotel management or your team. When you download a report, we provide your information in a PDF spreadsheet and you can select the time period you are interested to download.


Device [Tab 1]


This first tab shows you all you need to know about our handy devices at your property. Take a look into the number of devices online and in use straight away, the number of local and international calls being made, the most popular languages selected to showcase your demographic, how often our city guide engages with your guests, and the performance of value-added features if applicable to you.

  • Device Activation & Utilization (see above for definition of terms)
  • Total Activation & Average Utilization
  • Online Devices
  • Most Used Features
  • Language Usage
  • Local & International Calls
  • Top IDD Destinations
  • Activity by Time of Day
  • Popular Keyword Queries
  • Number of devices whose data has been erased
  • Most Viewed Articles
  • Hotel Banner Clicks*
  • Subpage Banner Clicks*

*value-added service



Push Message [Tab 2]

Explore your top performing messages that best engage with your guests. This second tab shows a summary of push messages sent and received, and how many you have left to use and tailor to keep communicating with your guests.

  • Total Push Messages Delivered
  • Number of Opens & Clicks per Push Message
  • Top 5 Performing Push Messages



In-Room Dining [Tab 3]

Take a deeper look into your room service performance with In-Room Dining. Hotels with this value-added feature can maximize their F&B Outlet(s) through digitized ordering, and see which items are their best sellers. See which times of the day are the most popular for ordering room service and the average order value month-on-month to help you plan your seasonal menus and cater to winning tastes.

  • Total Orders
  • Average Order Value
  • Average No. of Orders per Day
  • Real-Time Order log
  • Top 5 most ordered items



Guest Satisfaction [Tab 4]

Stay on top of pleasing your guests and making your hotel more appealing to future travelers with a deeper look into your TripAdvisor reviews. See how the number of review entries has changed since introducing handy, what your average TripAdvisor rating is, and where the overall satisfaction of your guests stands.

  • TripAdvisor Rating Overview
  • Accumulated TripAdvisor Star Rating
  • Recent Reviews from TripAdvisor that Mention handy
  • Total Review Submissions from past month



handy ICON [Tab 5]

View the performance of the handy ICON on your hotel webpage. A FREE tool for hotels to let guests know they provide handy prior to their stay, encourage guests to book with you and set yourself apart from the others.

Here you can view the open rate and click rate of the widget since its installation on your website. Stay up-to-date with site visitors movements and their interest in handy at your hotel.

For more on this FREE tool — what handy ICON does, how it works and how it can easily be set up, read more about it here or get started now.



Which Browsers Are Supported?

  • Best compatible with Chrome & Safari and can be used on Windows & Mac OS.
  • Download the latest version of Chrome here.
  • Download the latest version of Safari here — make sure your Mac already has the latest version. 

What Happens to My Old Dashboard Data?

All handy HotelPortal data will be maintained. No data lost and no interruptions to system integrations. Enjoy a seamless transition to the new dashboard with a seamless experience.

Got questions or feedback about the new handy HotelPortal Statistic Dashboard?

Contact us for support below.


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