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Set Yourself Apart from Competitors with handy ICON

Posted on May 24, 2018 11:10:14 AM


The handy Experience Begins on the Home Page

The all-powerful handy ICON widget is a complimentary tool for handy hotel partners—whether on Free, Monthly, Pro, or Luxos plans. Designed to support hotels hand-in-hand with our ecosystem of hospitality solutions, handy ICON lets visitors know your hotel offers handy even before they enter the hotel room. Customizable to best suit your homepage, handy ICON is easy to install. Learn how the widget drives direct bookings and converts site visitors into in-stay guests—all on your website. Integrated analytics help monitor the performance and growth that directly impacts your ROI.



Drive Direct Bookings

Studies have shown that up to 25% of site visitors can be converted into new guests with handy ICON. The responsive editor gives you access to editable fields, including a customizable CTA button to automatically direct to a URL of your choice. Direct your homepage to reservations and encourage bookings on the spot.




Witness the Growth

handy ICON reflects the growth and ease of direct bookings. Insights are provided on the potential of converting leads to direct bookings. Spot patterns and trends as the widget records the frequency of clicks made on the call-to-action function. 


Choosing the handy ICON for You


Easily integrating with any website, the widget comes in two colors—navy blue and white. For ideal visibility, handy hotel partners have the option to choose the preferred location—bottom left or right corner of the homepage. Customizing and installing the handy ICON requires no professional knowledge. The intuitive editor ensures integration is hassle-free and instant. For hotels with handy coming soon, options are made available to enable for pre-launch promotion.


Distinguishing one hotel from another, handy ICON meets the needs of discerning and tech-savvy guests even before their stay. Stay ahead and harness the data that facilitates direct bookings.


Find out more about handy ICON here.

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