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Making your social content visible on handy’s newsfeed

Posted on Nov 2, 2017 8:51:28 AM

See your social media content on handy’s newsfeed with #handy

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Today handy is delighted to announce a brand new feature: ‘Social Feed’ integration. This makes your social content visible via handy’s newsfeed, by just adding ‘#handy’ to your social posts. That’s all it takes to have your content imported to our newsfeed.

Now more than ever, social media is integral to a brand's identity and many hoteliers are embracing a social strategy to capture travelers' interests in their brand, while simultaneously building brand loyalty with guests.

But knowing how, where and when to put resources behind your social media can be tricky. Especially for the unfamiliar, navigating the social media landscape can be quite a challenge. Which is precisely why handy has created a new feature to help hotels promote their social content.


Expand your social footprint with #handy
Don’t worry if your guest is not an existing subscriber or follower who ‘likes’ your social media channels. Now hotels can import featured content from their social media channels to ‘push’ to guests by simply adding #handy to your social post.

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A marvellous new marketing tool

Looking to promote any seasonal products or offers to your guests? By using our new Social Feed integration, your guests will get the latest information about your hotel’s new spa, or special restaurant menus, or whatever offerings you want to highlight or have highlighted on your social channels.

Lure in, don't scare away
Don’t spam your guests – nobody wants that. People want quality content, not endless junk clogging up their feeds. With the Social Feed function, handy’s newsfeed will display your social content seamlessly alongside our curated city guides and content. This way, guests can enjoy a variety of hotel-branded, organic content while they’re in the right place and frame of mind.


Upgrade your social media now!
At handy, our aim is always to stay ahead of hotel and guest needs. We are constantly gathering feedback from our hotel partners to elevate their brand presence and drive better engagement.


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