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Order Room Service Anytime, Anywhere with handy

Posted on Feb 8, 2018 1:11:45 PM


Provide Fast & Efficient Service to In-Room Dining Guests

Travelers have come to expect quick and efficient services throughout the duration of their stay. According to a recent survey of meeting professionals, 43% of guests say room service is extremely important when selecting a hotel. 28% of guests say that not offering the service would be a deal-breaker.

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Being able to provide an efficient service while maintaining food quality can be a challenge, but with handy’s In-Room Dining feature, hoteliers can provide both. For the guest, food can be ordered on-the-go to be ready upon arrival at the hotel. Providing an easy and relaxed ordering process, guests can enjoy a whole new experience when it comes to dining room service. 



New & Improved Digital Interface

An easy and attractive way to explore your dining options, guests can place orders wherever, whenever, at their convenience. Descriptions are replaced with visuals to help guests choose the best dish for them, displaying food options in a modern and sophisticated manner. 


Hotel Portal Digital Menu 

Stay on Top with Real-Time Inventory  

Integrable with your PMS, the In-Room Dining feature reflects up-to-date inventory in real-time to manage guests’ expectations better. Staff can clearly identify food allergies or special requests to uphold guest satisfaction.

Communication walls and language barriers are broken down to provide an efficient service with minimal effort. With just a few clicks guests can easily select and pay for their order, enjoying next-level convenience with faster execution and more timely deliveries.


In-Room Dining Notification


Boost F&B with Data-Driven Insights

Get real-time data analytics and insights into guests' preferred F&B choices to capture and drive ancillary revenue and guest satisfaction. Guests can keep updated on the progress of their order from the moment they place it. This eliminates guests queries about delivery time and follow ups on special requests, as the hotel can quickly put guests at ease with a simple notification.


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