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hi Intelligence | Smart Data for Hotels

Posted on Apr 16, 2019 9:38:00 AM


Say hi to hi Intelligence platform!

A global platform integrated with your Property Management Systems (PMS) & Internet Booking Engine (IBE) — exclusively customized for hotels. 


We are excited to introduce hi intelligence, the platform that transforms your data into intelligent, informative and actionable insights.hi Intelligence enables hoteliers to understand and interact with travelers throughout the entire guest journey with smart insights, made possible with full PMS integration. Revolutionary tools such as reputation management and data streamlining can transform your digital marketing with greater personalization.

What can Big Data do for you and your guests?

Gain insights into guest behavior, guest details, revenue and reservation reports, hotel review and ranking, and response tracking on campaigns and communications to help identify loyal VIP customers and drive effective marketing. Cross-sell guest amenities, up-sell other outlets such as F&B and up-sell your Internet Booking Engine (IBE) to draw more direct bookings.

hi intelligence allows you to easily view your data at a glance and at a detailed level, while managing marketing activities from one, single place Access guest data in real time and spot patterns to continually improve on personalization that can revive brand loyalty.


Why hi Intelligence?


Powerful and GDPR compliant, hi Intelligence combines a guest CRM, designed specifically for Hotels to seamlessly connect with your booking engine. Fully integrated, the platform puts your data to work, allowing hoteliers to distill data at the necessary times, leveraging technology with structure and organization to generate easy-to-understand insights.


hi Intelligence Features 


1.360-degree view of all hotel reviews and rankings across several channels. Response-tracking mechanisms means hoteliers can act on reviews quickly and track response rates and satisfaction levels.




2.Create insights. Increase revenue with tailored marketing campaigns via handy, email, surveys and more.  Engage with your guests and unlock a great amount of power in relationship building.


3.Receive and review guest details in advance of a guest’s stay, during a guest’s stay, and even post-trip. Get to know your VIP/loyalty guests and measure historical values across all hotels under your brand to understand the drivers behind guests’ behavior of all types and ages.



4. Get benchmarks on key metrics, such as guest revenue and reservation reports on the length of stays and room type popularity etc. for your markets to enable more informed revenue management decisions.






5. Manage your social media profiles from one central module — analyze your fan base content reach and content posting itself.   


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