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hi Intelligence App

Posted on May 31, 2019 1:33:02 PM

All-in-one guest intelligence & marketing platform on your phone.

Knowledge is power. Knowing how to use customer data allows you to know your guests better, improve their experience, and uplift your revenue.

Many hotels and groups are sitting on a wealth of guest data, routinely collected over the years via the hotel PmS. Too often this data is overlooked, used only for sporadic marketing campaigns and check-in/check-out purposes.

hi Intelligence is a powerful, GDPR compliant, guest cRm. Fully integrated with the booking engine, it puts your data to work, allowing you to easily manage your marketing activities from one place in real time. You can utilize each guest’s data to increase direct bookings in ways you never knew existed.

From now onwards get actionable insights from your phone. Introducing hi Intelligence App —  the lighter version of the hi Intelligence platform.


Here, take a look at some of the key features:

Login Screen

Login Screen 

Simple login requires the user to enter just two pieces of information, a user name and password. 

Side Menu

Side Menu Screen

Side menu provides access to destinations in your app. It can be shown or hidden to accommodate different app layouts. Side menu contests is: Dashboard, Device Statistics, Guests, Reviews, and Profile. 


Dashboard Screen 

The Dashboard offers a quick first overview of the property. Through several widgets, it shows the most important information about guest management and reputation management.



Guest Screen 

On the side menu screen, you can see the ‘Guest’ menu. This module captures guest- and reservation- related information from PMS. hi Intelligence uses this information to make further analyses and acts as an extension of the PMS. Once the data is gathered, it will allow you to segment the guests into categories (e.g. big spenders) making it easier to send targeted campaigns.



Reviews Screen 

The ‘Reviews’ module belongs to the reputation management leg of hi Intelligence. It groups the ratings and rankings of the property from up to  80 channels. Maintaining good reviews is as important as having good revenue, keeping the property competitive on the market.



The hi Intelligence website is designed specifically for hotels and provides actionable insights through data integrated from the property management system (PMS). By using hi Intelligence, you can:

  • Have a 360 view of all reviews and rankings throughout several channels and act on these reviews as well as keep track of the response rate
  • Increase revenue by creating a campaign / push message / survey to different types of hotel guests
  • Receive and review arrival / on property / leaving guest details
  • Review guest revenue / reservation reports in detail
  • Segment guest data by different consumer behavior patterns such as high spenders, rate codes, preferred room types, social media, etc.

To learn more about the hi Intelligence platform read our previous blog - hi Intelligence | Smart Data for Hotels.

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