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handy Smartphone 7.7.0 Product Release

Posted on Mar 22, 2019 1:47:12 AM

A Fresh Look for handy Smartphone: New Homepage.



Design is intelligence visualized. So, behind the beautiful branding and eye-catching aesthetics, there’s strategy and science.

We have analysed in detail the user journey mapping of the device to better understand the process whereby a customer interacts with handy and comes to the conclusion that a new design on the homepage will provide a smoother user experience and, certainly, will drive more conversions.

The improved UI (user interface) design allows users to have a seamless experience and will give them more reasons to book a service directly with handy during their stay at your hotel. So, from today, the page's speed performance is faster, users have quicker access to the latest in-destination attractions, exclusive deals and other useful phone features such as:  

Restaurants Listing



Guests can get recommendations for best local eat-outs to easily book a table.

Neighborhood Listing



Visit local attractions and get immersed in the culture.


Seasonal Based Content

Entice travelers with seasonal content throughout the year including content about tips to explore the city and information about your hotel.


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