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Press Release of hi Inc

SoftBank Invests in Joint Venture of Hong Kong Hospitality Technology Company Tink Labs, handy Japan

Posted on Aug 2, 2018 9:53:14 AM

Companies join forces to pursue collaborative opportunities in creating a travel ecosystem through Internet of Things solutions


Tokyo, Japan; July 2, 2018 — Tink Labs Limited (Tink Labs), the developer of the fastest-growing hospitality technology solution, handy, announced today a joint agreement between the company's Japan-based joint venture, handy Japan Co., Ltd. (handy Japan) and SoftBank Corp. (SoftBank), under which SoftBank will invest in handy Japan through a third-party allotment. The agreement will further strengthen the business ties between the two companies. 

"SoftBank's support in handy Japan is a true testament to our success in Japan and it further demonstrates that handy and Tink Labs' unique offerings are helping hoteliers in the country drive hospitality sales and revenue through greater customer satisfaction", said Terence Kwok, Founder & CEO of Tink Labs. "Our strategy to expand globally to markets, including Japan, is driven by the needs of our hotel partners and their guests, and our cooperation with global business partners who have the right local expertise is very important to our ability to continue to meet the changing demands of our customers. We will continue to seek for the right business partners and collaborate with them as we scale globally."

The funds from the investment will be used to enhance handy Japan's product offerings, which will leverage SoftBank's capabilities in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to provide hotel integration in areas such as Property Management System (PMS), Private Branch Exchange (PBX), keyless room entry, express check-out, and smart in-room controls. Automation with IoT will improve cost optimization and enhance the overall operational efficiency of hoteliers, enabling them to save time of day-to-day tasks while focusing on high-valued efforts such as guest engagement and capturing ancillary spend. 


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Hiro Katsuse handy Japan CEO (left), Terence Kwok Tink Labs Founder & CEO (center) and Ken Miyauchi SoftBank President & CEO (right)

"IoT is one of the major forces driving the future of the hospitality sector and it will play an important role in the travel ecosystem that we are establishing globally. That is why we are pleased to be partnering with SoftBank to ensure that Tink Labs and handy Japan continue to revolutionize and lead the way in travel and tourism", said Hiro Katsuse, CEO of handy Japan. "We are confident that with SoftBank's proven technology capabilities, we will be able to continue to innovate and realize our goal in helping hotel partners to deliver enriched service experiences to their customers around the world."

"At SoftBank, we continually invest in innovative companies as part of our effort to support these companies that are instrumental to the industry they play a part of", said Ken Miyauchi, President & CEO of SoftBank. "We are pleased to be supporting Tink Labs, and through this investment, will contribute our IoT expertise to help them drive further innovation with handy and its features."

Mr. Kwok added that Tink Labs is revolutionizing the highly fragmented hospitality space from pre-trip to in-destination and post-travel. "Our priority has always been to build a comprehensive travel platform and create a seamless travel ecosystem of hospitality solutions designed to enhance the end-to-end journey of the world's travelers", said Mr. Kwok. "The launch of handy in our 3,300 hotel partners' rooms globally is just the beginning. We will continue to invest and leverage various technologies to build a wide range of products and features in our effort to become the core of each and every technology-enabled hotel in the world." 

By leveraging the world's 16 million hotel rooms and the strength of a global hospitality network, handy is set to become the centerpiece technology of the hotel room. The blueprint of handy's vision into the future takes the travel experience beyond the hotel room, tapping into destination touchpoints at every stage of the journey. 

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