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Ruby Lilly Hotel Munich Prides Themselves On Lean Luxury with handy

Posted on Apr 27, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Explore a new realm of lean luxury with Ruby Lilly Hotel Munich—one out of four Munich hotels run by Michael Struck, CEO & Founder of Ruby Hotels & Resorts hospitality group. Here we discuss how their philosophy combined with handy helps Ruby Lilly continue their commitment to guests with customizable, affordable luxury, and a no-nonsense approach to hospitality.

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 What is the mission or belief of Ruby hotel group?

Our philosophy is lean luxury. Meaning, as opposed to taking the stance of a design budget hotel, we take that of a luxury hotel and make it lean. To us, luxury means laid-back comfort instead of formalities—inspiring people instead of pretty facades. No expensive prestige addresses, but instead where the authentic heart of the city beats.



Our hotels have more of a personality, character, and soul because that is what our target group seeks in hotels like these.”


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What makes Ruby Hotel Group stand out from other hotels or hotel groups?

We focus on what is essential and leave everything else they don’t need in a city center hotel. These are sleeping, providing multimedia, having a great bar, and available snacks throughout the day.


“We make price affordable to a broad demographic. Guests get everything they’d like to have in a five-star hotel at the same price tag of a four-star hotel.

Your brand philosophy states “we consistently use IT where it makes sense.” Has handy fitted in well with your hotel’s dynamic?  

To us, handy is a vital way to deliver what we have to offer as value-added services in the virtual realm for guests. It is one of the most conspicuous ways of accompanying the guest, even when he/she leaves the hotel.

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“We believe strongly that our guests use technology only if its tailored to them, and if it feels personal—I think these two features are a good example of how handy delivers on that."

How does handy help you implement laid-back comfort to your guests?

Guests get instant access to the internet, information on the city, and information on the hotel. The other thing is, I believe that the user interface is very thought through, so that makes it easier to use. It is very intuitive. 

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“It’s hassle-free, it’s easy, it’s convenient. We offer guests content that will enrich their stay, content that is meaningful and relevant that will inspire them.”

Why did you choose handy instead of other solutions?

handy is a company very solidly funded, and has already proven within a short period of time that they understand what this device can actually bring to the industry. They have the resources to implement that and that is highly attractive.

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