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Ramada Encore Geneva Invests in handy to Center In On the Guest

Posted on Apr 6, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Located in the lively shopping and leisure district of Geneva, Ramada Encore Geneva is the embodiment of true hospitality values: innovation, efficiency, dynamism, and quality. Fernand Donnet, president and CEO of Sophos Hotels SA and co-owner of Ramada Encore talks to us about how handy is the perfect fit for their ethos and how they are benefitting from having handy at the hotel.


Fernand Donnet is a veteran of the hotel industry with experience in managing and operating individual hotels across Europe, Russia, the CIS, and the Middle East.



What makes Ramada Encore Geneva stand out from other hotels?

Our motto is ‘a 3-star hotel with a 5-star heart.' We always try to be one step ahead of the market and strive to constantly innovate using different apps and tools; recently we added iPads for guest check-in, electronic flip charts, and preference menus for long-stay guests. Amongst all of these, the dynamic handy Smartphone is a must have, as our main goal is to focus on the guest; to personalize their experience. handy allows us to send customized messages to our guests and make them feel unique.

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“We are always investing in new technology to be one step ahead of our competitors in the market.”

Since your hotel caters to many business travelers, how has handy encouraged these guests to use your hotel facilities?

It helps us promote services such as our shuttle buses, bars & restaurants, as well as our conference center. handy has helped us get requests from business travelers who are looking for a venue for their future events.

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“We have more visitors on our website thanks to the handy system...and it really makes the most of an opportunity to close a deal because clients feel that we are really connected with them.”

How did you find the experience when launching the devices at your property?

handy is a plug-&-play solution which makes both our life and our guests’ lives easier: it’s fun, it’s a time-saver, and it’s very user-friendly.


How did you find the experience working with the handy team?

I found the team very proactive, they really put in the effort to understand and resolve problems efficiently and effectively. We can also rely on our local contact anytime to give us the support we need!



About handy

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As the world evolves to make the most of what technology has to offer, so does the hospitality industry. With the handy Smartphone, tailor-made solutions are crafted for both guests and hotels to make traveling and hosting more effortless than ever before—find out more about handy and how this IoT hospitality solution can improve the performance of your hotel. 

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