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Promoting Brand Loyalty & Communication with handy at The Aria Hotel

Posted on Aug 31, 2018 4:00:00 AM

A unique hotel with a defining soul and distinguished character, the Aria Hotel Budapest is swanky yet personable. The music-themed boutique hotel sits in the historic downtown area and is only minutes away from the State Opera House. General Manager Zoltan Kecskemethy speaks to us about the importance of warm and genuine service, and how being connected and communicative with guests using handy has helped Aria create the best experience for their guests.

“Our ultimate goal is simply to have happy guests in the hotel.”

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What is the mission or belief of your hotel?

We believe in creating the best environment for our guests through unpretentious, hospitable service. We want to create a strong bond between the Aria and our guests so they feel like they are being treated like family members. Getting their feedback is very important, and we strive to make adjustments on our service based on their constructive remarks. We believe that by listening carefully to our guests and acting swiftly to meet their needs and preferences is beneficial — both for them and for us.  

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“The Aria has an extreme focus on guests’ feedback.”


What makes the Aria Hotel Budapest stand out from other hotels?

The Aria stand out because of our unique musical concept and distinguishing interior design. Here, everything is related to music — our four wings are dedicated to four genres of music, and each guest room is decorated in honor of a great musician from that genre. We even have a Musical Director who helps us create and enhance this special element of our hotel.

All that however, would be nothing without our amazing staff that gives soul and personality to Aria. This is what matters most to us, we let our team be themselves and take care of our guests without an over-standardized structure, so our guests can truly feel the genuineness and warmth of their service.    

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“We want to be the world’s kindest hoteliers.”


How did you decide to adopt handy?

We realized the world has become highly digitalized and we recognized that digitalization doesn’t, and shouldn’t stop when traveling. We wanted handy in the Aria because we want to be able to connect with each and every guest personally, and to give them a great piece of technology that would make their trip even better than they thought it could be. We believe that handy is the solution that has helped us create the balance between connectivity and convenience.

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“Through unpretentious and genuinely hospitable service, we achieve the highest possible guest satisfaction.”


How does handy help retain brand loyalty with your guests?

One example is how handy helps cross-sell sister hotels within the Library Hotel Collection group. When Hotel X opened in Toronto, we were able to display the announcement and opening information on every one of our handy devices. Direct room bookings at the new hotel were immediately generated.   

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handy is an excellent tool to help us achieve our goals.”


Has handy helped guests promote the use of hotel facilities or events?

handy’s Sub-Home Banner feature is a useful tool for directing guests’ attention to programs and offerings we would like them to experience. With music as a central theme at the Aria, we give them information on musical events across Budapest through handy. Using the Sub-Home Banners means we can highlight these shows and programs from within the hotel, promoting and encouraging them to join.

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“The Aria would be nothing without the connection between guests and staff.”


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