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The UK’s Top handy Performer feat. The Lansbury Heritage Hotel

Posted on Oct 4, 2018 4:00:18 AM

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The Lansbury Heritage Hotel is conveniently located a stone’s throw away from Canary Wharf — one of London’s main financial hubs. Its doors opened on 17th April 2017 and the building is situated in a protected area with a rich and fascinating history. Ranked as Grade II on the National Heritage List of England, the hotel acts as a center point on the city’s colorful skyline. The building was home to the East India Company as its very first chapel when built on the site in 1628, making its towering octagonal dome one of its many distinguishable traits. 

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Differentiating itself from neighboring competitors only two weeks after its opening with the launch of handyThe Lansbury Heritage Hotel introduced the complimentary guest amenity as part of their offering in May of 2017.  The potential of handy’s utilization came to light and just four months later, the hotel implemented the handy In-Room Dining service as a new feature. Greater flexibility and convenience has been brought to guests since the implementation with success over the past 6 months.


Ranking as handy’s best performing partner, The Lansbury Heritage Hotel holds 50% usage of handy from hotel guests, and with the In-Room Dining feature in the UK — the complimentary amenity performs seven times better than the industry average.

To learn more about their success we asked the crucial question... 

What sets them apart from other handy hotel partners?

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In an interview with the General Manager, Irma Daujotiene, we discovered a few main practices which contribute to the hotel's success. Daujotiene ensures every staff member is trained on handy — from the front office to housekeeping, all staff is completely handy proficient. More than a guest amenity, handy has also become a solid foundation for numerous hotel operations, becoming the main communication channel for cross-departmental liaison.


Their introduction of handy to guests at check-in is what distinguishes The Lansbury Heritage Hotel the most. A handy device can always be found at the front desk, and staff not only use handy for every check-in, but also inform guests of this complimentary amenity provided to them. The staff takes the time to showcase the different features and how to best use handy for the ultimate experience. With this personalization and attentiveness, The Lansbury Heritage Hotel has garnered positive guest feedback on social media and hotel rating platforms, while also generating incremental revenue per room with In-Room Dining.


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“There are 2 segments of guests that love this feature the most”Daujotiene says,“these are the couples enjoying their romantic weekend, appreciating that option of even more privacy the feature provides them with; and the corporate guests exhausted after a long working day — enjoying the option to save their energy, minimize the number of interactions and order food in the comfort of their room with just a few taps of a finger.”

The General Manager finds the process of placing orders very reliable; “we receive an email whenever the guests put orders through, and in case we don’t open it, due to internet issues for example, we receive a call on our main line to our front desk ensuring the order is passed on to the restaurant.”


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Looking to the future, Daujotiene plans to invest in direct hotel booking solutions, pairing it with a push message campaign on handy as a means of promotion. She also hopes to further utilize the push messaging feature to promote F&B offers to hotel guests. With such high guest engagement rates with handy, there is little doubt these campaigns will be a success.


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