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The Franklin Hotel Embraces Technology as a Tool to Deliver the Finest Hospitality

Posted on Mar 28, 2019 9:59:42 AM


The Franklin Hotel, of the international Starhotels chain, has a gourmet restaurant run by Michelin-starred chef Alfredo Russo, an elegant Martini & Champagne bar and a stylish meeting room - the ideal location for small private and business events in Knightsbridge, London.

 Screenshot 2019-03-21 at 11.53.30Maurizio Redaelli - General Manager of Starhotels group  (The Franklin Hotel) 



The Franklin hotel is always keeping an eye on innovation in the hospitality space to see what can help them improve guest experiences. Our latest video features front office managers who have used handy, a smart product of hi Inc,  as a tool to deliver the highest level of hospitality. Also, the complex general manager of Starhotels, Maurizio Redaelli, tells us how handy smartphones can boost guest satisfaction.


Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 17.15.09

handy phones help our hotels to stay on top of the hospitality tech trends.” 


Franklin’s mission is to be an ambassador of hospitality excellence, offering an outstanding service that exceeds guests’ expectations. Starhotels Collezione has city icons in the heart of the best global destinations, standing out for their stunning locations, their refined, elegant interiors and a flawless, tailor-made service. They are proud to offer the warmth of a private home with the impeccable service of a luxury hotel.


Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 17.14.57

“In the past 4 months we have seen a 20% increase in use by our guests. Also almost 11% uplift from the previous month for the daily active user rate.” 


The Franklin welcomes technology to improve guest experiences but pride themselves in offering a personalised service based on human interactions. We use technology as a tool to help us deliver the finest level of hospitality.  

Hotel General Manager says that today’s travelers want to have fast access to information everywhere and to stay connected at all times. handy phones’ technology has helped them to satisfy this need and therefore achieve their ultimate goal which is to exceed guests‘ expectations. It is also a very good tool to communicate with the guests when they are not at the hotel.


Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 17.15.17

“My favorite feature about handy is the city guide, because it’s like having a little concierge everywhere with you, always available.”


The hotel is also really excited to explore the potential use of handy smartphone as a key card to enter rooms and suites at the hotel.



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