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Who is the Hotel Guest of 2020?

Posted on May 24, 2019 10:56:48 AM

Do you want pink walls in your hotel room? Would you like the room to clean itself so that the cleaners don’t need to come in and potentially help themselves to your belongings? What if your hotel room could adjust to a temperature that instinctively pairs with your current mood and biorhythm? These all seem like ambitious features from a farfetched science fiction TV production, but they’re the type of concepts that many hotels are set to adopt over the next couple of years.

Yes, folks, hotels have sure changed a lot during the 21st century. For many guests, the mere provision of a room for a night, or multiple nights, just doesn’t cut it anymore. Competition between accommodation providers has become so fierce, especially in an era where travelers avail of self-service options, that guests now demand exceptional levels of service and an increasing level of customization.

This doesn’t just apply to a guest’s room, either. Hotels are fielding an increasing number of enquiries about customized menus and mealtimes. Foodie guests are no longer content to settle for a hotel’s pre-set menu, unless it is spectacular. They like to offer their own palate suggestions and, in some cases, they might even advise a hotel’s chefs on ingredients and recipes. Imagine being able to have your unique, favorite meal and, instead of cooking it yourself, having it served to you by an elite culinary team. It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that, really!

Indeed, guests will soon be able to have the final say over almost every aspect of their itinerary. This stretches as far as a guest outlining their preferred itinerary to hotel staff at the beginning of their stay. If you want to go golfing on your first day and then indulge in luxurious spa treatment on the second, and so forth, you can request it with the hotel where you’re staying and they will make it happen. The balance of power is inescapably swinging ever more towards the guest rather than the hotel.

This infographic from The Europe Hotel & Resort in Killarney, Ireland looks at some of the contemporary trends that are currently shaping the hospitality sector.

Who is the hotel guest of 2020 infographic (1)

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