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What Main Features are Offered by hi Booking Engine?

Posted on Jun 3, 2019 9:12:00 AM

hi Booking Engine is a fast, feature-rich and fully connected e-commerce engine optimized for the mobile world.  It provides a seamless and personalized experience that increases reservations cost-effectively with direct connections to Meta-Search distribution channels.



Power your online presence and drive direct reservations online with the hi Booking Engine, designed to help grow your hotel brand through a well connected global distribution platform.

Enjoy direct, redirection-free bookings and enhanced conversion rates. Discover exactly how the hi Booking Engine can deliver with the following key features.


The hi Booking Engine offers direct connectivity into the Meta-Search channels enabling you to display direct website rates alongside OTAs for direct competition. As the playing field is leveled, the hi Booking Engine ensures your hotel achieves maximum ROI with comprehensive management services. Welcome to a lower cost of acquisition with the results you need.

Increase Redirection-Free Direct Bookings

Reduce OTA commissions and boost direct bookings for your own hotel brand with enhanced traffic to your booking flow compared to booking engines that redirect URLs with a non-branded URL structure.

Responsive, Customizable, Seamless

It is imperative to host an easily navigable user interface that adapts to the viewers’ environment and works just as well on mobile, tablet or desktop. Achieve brand consistency throughout your website with seamless integration and end-to-end customization that begins at URL structure level.



Multi-Property, Room & Rate

Cross-sell properties across your brand with the option to book multiple hotels, rates, rooms, room types and special deals under a single booking. Because of ease and convenience, you can maximize your opportunities and availability.

Price Comparison

Take out the guesswork for guests and help them compare the best prices with hi Booking Engine’s innovative Price Check tool that enables side-by-side comparison of your direct rate against other OTAs. Save your guests from navigating away from your branded booking reservation page to shop around and reduce your reliance on OTAs, showing that booking direct is best.

Power Selling Features

Reassure customers on their hotel selection and enhance conversion with prompted value messaging and custom notifications. Compel action on active room listings and strikethrough prices, special deals and extra availability to create a sense of urgency.


Abandonment Messaging

Recall your customers with customized pop-up messages to reduce the number of unfinished bookings. This can be prompted when a user is idle or attempts to navigate away from the page. Better yet, should an email address have been captured, the potential guest can be retargeted via email to pick up where they left off and resume their previous session.

To learn more about our hi Booking Engine ancillary features, read What ancillary items are offered by hi Booking Engine?

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