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What Ancillary Items are Offered by hi Booking Engine?

Posted on Jun 4, 2019 7:44:52 AM

hi Booking Engine is a fast, feature-rich and fully connected e-commerce engine optimized for the mobile world.  It provides a seamless and personalized experience that increases reservations cost-effectively with direct connections to Meta-Search distribution channels.



With increased redirection-free, direct bookings and enhanced conversion rates, discover how hi Booking Engine also provides the right offer to the right traveler with the following ancillary features.

Multilingual & Multi-Currency

Alongside multi-property, room and rate bookings, the hi Booking Engine also provide multiple languages and currencies to assist with the booking process. Geo intelligent, the hi Booking Engine automatically detects a user’s location and defaults the language and currency of the region to their home language and currency. Live exchange rates via xe.com support 14 languages and all global currencies.

Flexible Stay Options

Trip planning is made easier with stay options that showcase a wide inventory over extended periods of time. This is especially ideal for long-stay guests with easy, intuitive calendar viewing.


Profile Management

The hi Booking Engine allows user profiles to be created based on profile management tools that enable greater personalization. Enhance a guest’s stay with integrations into the handy Smartphone and hi HotelPortal that create room for loyalty benefits, closed user group discounts, reservation management and express services.

Closed User Groups

This acts as a powerful feature to provide specific rates or discounts to guests, such as those who are a part of the loyalty program. Tailor special features or services to closed user groups, which enables greater control over different traveler types.


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Enhancing the Guests’ Stay

Create additional revenue streams with sales functions. With configuration options and varying price possibilities, the hi Booking Engine creates space for the sale of items directly to the guest to improve the guest’s stay.

Advertising Space

Advertise to users through numerous banner locations located throughout the booking process. Customize banners that users see based on their profile data and track the performance with deep links built-in.

Promotional Codes

Incentivize guests to book direct on your website with promotional codes that can be applied to any booking throughout the reservation process, be it a voucher, corporate contract code or code for large groups.


Business Intelligence

Best-in-class analytics deliver behavior flow, demographic data and conversion tracking to improve user experiences and conversion patterns. Together with Google Analytics integration, the hi Booking Engine dashboard helps you identify the areas that matter most to your business quickly.

To learn more about our hi Booking Engine features, read What main features are offered by hi Booking Engine?

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