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Three Important Mobile Marketing Strategies for Hotels

Posted on Jul 5, 2019 2:20:00 PM

Can one survive without a mobile phone in this day and age?

One may, but might still struggle when it comes to managing devices in developing countries. As mobile becomes an absolutely essential part of our digitals lives, hotels cannot ignore the fact that they have to build a strong mobile marketing strategy in order to stay in touch with their guests.


“76% of travellers say their smartphone is the most important travel companion”

— Hotel Speak, Top 30 Mobile Marketing Stats For Hotels In 2019

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels


Digitally advancing your hotel can help you to connect with your modern guests closer and give them what they want even before they arrive. Let us show you the top mobile marketing trends that hospitality businesses can use to exceed guest expectations and build strong brand loyalty.

1. Optimized mobile website

Make sure everything imperative to a guest’s knowledge is made prominently visible and easy to read and view. This includes text and imagery that best describe and showcase the experience the guest will receive at and around the vicinity of your property when staying with you. This delivers a great and user experience that is beneficial and convenient for potential guests looking to stay with you — win them over.


Also, your customer doesn’t want to zoom in images or text. This is super inconvenient for them. It’s like reading a book and turn it to the end just to read a reference or translation. 

Traveler wants to have everything on the same page as well as perfect image size to have a great user experience. 


2. Social media influence

Once you optimize your website, you can start by promoting your hotel through social media. This modern tool is a great way to interact with guests or prospective customers.

Did you know that...

“51% of travellers expect to communicate via messenger of text with travel brands and 33% expect to via social media

— Hotel Speak, Top 30 Mobile Marketing Stats For Hotels In 2019


That is why your accounts should be highly visual and responsive. Being on social media shows that your hotel is proactive online and responsive to feedback — be sure to do this. Engagement is key in nurturing a relationship with guests, be it existing or prospective. This inspires others to engage with you further and the chance to develop loyalty with your hotel and group brand if any.


Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels


Don’t forget about the power of #hashtags. Playing the role of a perfect social media ‘map’ for your customers, hashtags help guests find your hotel in the digital world. You can even create your own unique hashtag (such as #hihotelsexperience) that can inspire your guests to tag their posts with and therefore boost your hotel traffic.


3. SEO: ‘Hotels near me’

Travelers now expect a lot more from search technology. Mobile searches instigated around the world are getting more specific with their search needs. Convenience is key to showcasing what is near a hotel and what activities can draw guests into the area and specific location over others.   


“Near me” searches are no longer just about a place, but about time and things as well

—  Lisa Gevelber, VP Marketing for the Americas – Google


As follows, marketers need to make sure that they are supplying customers with the right data and the right answers as quickly as possible.

As a hotel, you should ensure your hotel location is correct. In addition, check if your working hours,  phone numbers, website, CTA button and others are fully updated for direct communication with no complications. 


It is extremely important to be listed in Google hotel search. You can do it by adding your hotel business to Google. This shows established presence online that is easily found and made actionable to viewers through call, direction, sharing and website visiting functions.


Focusing on mobile marketing can make a lot of changes for large chains and small boutique hotels. You can add real value before, during and after a traveler’s stay that can set your hotel apart.


hi Inc. also offers an innovative mobile technology solutions for the hospitality industry — handy. This smartphone allows your hotel to extend your service footprint through our integrated platform. By integrating your facilities and backend system with the handy ecosystem, you will be able to build a relationship with your guests, offer customized services, as well as ease the management of your property.

What can our handy Smartphone do for you? 

  • Enhance the guest experience
  • Increase your revenue opportunities
  • Offer a digital concierge
  • Increase marketing opportunities
  • Create a customized environment during their stay
  • Improve your Social Media presence

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