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The Impact of Digitalization on Hotel Guest Engagement

Posted on Jun 28, 2019 1:42:41 PM

These days everything is personalized. From your name on a Coca-Cola can or your coffee at Starbucks to Google search rankings, Spotify playlist recommendations and even customizing the colours of your new pair of Adidas’.


Digital transformation has focused on technologies that helped companies work smarter and more efficiently. Technologies like the Cloud, smartphones and mobile strategies, mobile apps, big data and social media networks, are the way to get close to your audience.


Customer experiences are becoming more and more personalized and the hospitality industry is no exception. With digital transformation and particularly with mobile technologies, the hotel industry should be focused on online channels to provide a better, fuller experience and increase guest engagement.


Driving your efforts towards digital transformation can guarantee your guests a better experience, which means improving guest engagement and increasing your revenue, but also it is a critical step in making or breaking a brand’s reputation.

Personalize to engage 


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Built-in technologies can deliver a hyper personalized experience such as through smart-room automation and tailored communication. The guest experience is elevated to the next level while uplifting ancillary revenue and driving better cost efficiencies for hoteliers.


handy is an innovative mobile technology solution for the hospitality industry that allows your hotel to extend your service footprint through our integrated platform. By integrating your facilities and backend system with the handyecosystem, you will be able to build a relationship with your guests, offer customized services, as well as ease the management of your property.


With its complimentary smartphone device, hotels have the opportunity to  customize promotions and send special prices on all the facilities in their hotels, such as for the bar, restaurant or spa. It can also be used to offer discounted upgrades and to improve your revenue.



  • Sub-Homescreen Banners
    Customize sub-homescreen banners to suit hotel, brand, or group-specific needs. Adding links to hotel amenities, menus, events, and loyalty programs can drive revenue growth. 
  • Push Messaging
    Send customized greetings and reminders to guests throughout their stay and draw from standard or customized templates to empower your managers to engage with guests and deliver enticing offers and promotions.

Collect, process and analyze to engage


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash


Hotels now have access to technology that can give them a valuable amount of data on their guests. In particular, this can help hoteliers provide a more convenient and personalized experience. Hotels can obtain data on guest preferences, from ordering room service to enjoying spa amenities, which allows staff to assist guests in much more specific ways. 


A guest is not just someone who visits your hotel for a room, but is looking for a full experience from start to end. With the help of all the insights collected from the data, you could offer a personal service to your guests. If a customer likes to drink champagne, the next time they stay at your hotel, you can leave a bottle of champagne in the room ready for them.


Listen to engage 


Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels


Guests are more likely to recommend locations that are up-to-date. Stay ahead of technology trends by integrating modern devices into your establishment, such as mobile keys, smart TVs, and in-room controls.


All these recommendations can be very useful. Guest feedback is the perfect way to listen and learn about how to improve your customer services.


If they are happy you can still increase loyalty and extend influence through word of mouth. Should the case be otherwise, you are made aware of your weaknesses and can try to fix them for future improvement.




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