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The 3 Benefits of Having a Customized Hotel Property Management System

Posted on Jul 3, 2019 12:42:00 PM

A hotel property management system (Hotel PMS) is usually considered as a platform that helps hotels manage their daily operations and front-office activities; including booking reservations, guest check-in/check-out, room allocation, rates or billing and housekeeping tasks. However, nowadays, a hotel PMS is more than just this if the right tools are integrated — which can streamline and automate operations across your property and offer services that extend well beyond the front desk.

Guest making payment at hotel

By incorporating revolutionary tools into your PMS, you can transform your marketing strategy and collect exceptional, actionable insights on user behavior flow. You can also manage brand reputation online while delivering a seamless guest experience and reducing your hotel's largest operating costs — and time — at the same time to increase your profitability.


Travelers, use more than one booking engine to plan their travels and it goes without saying, that using a channel manager solution is an essential tool in hospitality, making possible the connection between a hotel’s PMS/CRS and Revenue Management System (RMS) and the hotel’s chosen booking channels — ranging from Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to retail travel agents.


So, having a well-designed PMS with the right equipment and integrations will help to have a seamless guest experience and hotel operation process, making it easy to be well connected with all departments. This ensures everyone is on the same page. Here are some of the key benefits:


Greater revenue strategies

Your hotel can extract key metrics via a PMS data dump and offer a more personalized stay through the collection of valuable data and analytics that reveal new opportunities for growth. Meet guest preferences and choices. Additionally, with the integration of other data platforms, such as hi Intelligence — a smart data platform, you can also build a floating guest profile that can be shared across multiple properties and put your data to work, allowing you to easily manage your marketing activities from one place in real time.

Hotel guest making online payment

For example, by analyzing guests’ historical spending, stay behavior, and social attributes, hi Intelligence gives you invaluable insight into what makes them “tick” — empowering you to enhance the guest experience, employ targeted pricing, and optimize spend.


Did you know that you can also create targeted guest communications and tailored campaigns with bespoke content to improve customer engagement and therefore increase revenue? There is a variety of guest expectations and without making a segmentation, your message may not resonate as strongly.


Real-time monitoring

Social media management is now as important for a hotel as reputation management and both can now be managed from the same central dashboard. Improve rankings thanks to quick complaint resolution or increase the number of followers by analyzing your fan base and posting relevant content.

Analytics monitoring


Customized guest experiences

Integration of smart devices that capture travelers during the in-destination and in-room hotel experience is also possible and a huge plus. Through integration and 24/7 connectivity, they can capture helpful guest insights and even replace a range of existing hotel systems. For example, the handy Smartphone is a feature-rich Android device, provided as a complimentary in-room amenity. It can connect with the PMS of your property and engage with guests through push notifications sent directly to them in a non-intrusive manner.







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