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Push Messaging a Tool for Hotel Marketers

Posted on Apr 28, 2017 2:50:21 AM


Push notifications may be one of the best marketing tools to create added value and increase your revenue when used wisely. It is broadly a text message that pops up on the user phone screen, containing a latest or exclusive offer or relevant news from your hotel. The key point here is RELEVANCE.

Often considered as a double-edged sword with a remarkable strength to yield best conversions, many hotels are now using this tool as a way to promote their restaurants or spa offer.

But when do you stop being relevant and become annoying to the point you drive your guest away?



According to recent research studies by Localytics the conversion rate is about 15%, which clearly suggests that the content of the message in these notifications has to be relevant to the targeted audience and catchy.

A suggested practice for push messaging would be to try and segment your guests preferences as deep as you can, which is easy when you use data available through a CMS analytics tool.

A push message tool for hoteliers to market to their guests by handy

Opt for 2 to 3 message max during your guest stay and one out of 3 should be helpful and relevant- not a selling proposition. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact threshold, but consumers lean towards the fewer the better, so make a good use out of it.

Set up campaigns in your system, run it for a certain period of time depending on your property KPI's and length of stay to get enough of relevant data to run analytics and then adjust accordingly.

There are numerous ways to measure your success: call to action statistics, conversion rate and the sweetest one: revenue increase.

Give your guests a not too frequent dose of this personalized and they will wait the next time you try to tell them something.

Finally the 3 takeaways from using Push messaging are;

  • Segment your guest data through the data available on your platform
  • Opt for 2 - 3 messages based on the peak periods of guest activity throughout their stay
  • Last and most importantly be relevant in your messaging based on personalization and location


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About Blog Author

Anja Levak a former Director of Hospitality Business at Tink Labs was in charge of business development and handy placement in hotels across Southeast Europe and Adriatic.

Delivering revenue growth and increasing brand recognition for high-end hotels, resorts, and restaurants is Anja’s passion and expertise. In senior leadership positions, she used innovative marketing initiates to start up and expand business for a portfolio of highly successful hospitality venues. Her work history includes efficiently and economically directing staffs in a wide range of marketing activities, including business growth, corporate relations, global sales, social media, guest services, and marketing research. She works closely in collaboration with operations in order to develop strong loyalty programs and upgrade the hotel chain services.

Ms. Levak holds a Masters of Economics from University of Economics, Croatia and is on board of Croatian Luxury Hotels Association and regional Tourist Board Council."