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Key Front-End vs. Back-End Features of the hi Booking Engine

Posted on Jun 11, 2019 9:21:02 AM

Your website is your hotel's vital tool when it comes to making direct bookings and finding the right booking engine that meets the requirements of your hotel business model could be easier than you think.   

There are plenty of companies offering booking engine solutions for hotel websites, but how many of them correctly suit your hotel booking site? How many of them seamlessly integrate with the brand and truly work together with the site?



So, how can you guarantee your site meets the required level of performance?

The key is to think like a customer in terms of the website architecture and integrate a booking engine that looks and feels like a bespoke fit for your site.

hi Booking Engine understands the need for a highly responsive system that meets all your requirements. To deliver that, and much more, we have some key back- and front-end features that will help you win more bookings. Let’s take a look:



Business Intelligence

The hi Internet Booking engine is backed by best-in-class analytics, helping you understand buyer behavior better and equipping you with the insight to improve both user experience and conversion patterns. Think of it as the booking engine equivalent of Google Analytics.


With our easy-to-use extranet dashboard and Google Analytics integration, you can access intelligence at a glance, at any time, with everything from average session duration to average basket value in any given time period.


Personalized Pricing

Our data platform incorporates what we know about guests: their stay patterns, what they spend on, and how much they spend. This allows us to serve them with a tailored rate that’s truly unique to them.

Power Selling Features

The best performing websites are never passive, and the same goes for booking engines. Active room listings compel action. Strike-through pricing and periodic prompts create a sense of urgency, with custom notifications designed to enhance conversion — but it’s not just about nudging the customer. Active room listings also reassure, with value messaging and social endorsement.


Promotional Codes

hi Internet Booking engine supports multiple types of promotional codes that can be used throughout the reservation process. Voucher codes can apply a discount to rates and corporate contract codes can be assigned to a negotiated rate or group allotment.


Closed User Groups

hi Booking engine allows the creation of unlimited closed user groups which can then have specific rates or discounts assigned to them. Whether used to support a loyalty program or to avoid rate parity restrictions, it is another powerful feature that helps ensure that guests are booking direct.



Price Comparison:

Reassure your customers that direct is best, and challenge the common assumption that OTAs return better rates than hotel brand websites. Our innovative tool, Price Check, compares live OTA rates with your direct rate. It appears on the screen, besides your booking engine, so soon you’ll be reducing your reliance on OTAs and bringing commission fees down too. Your customers also save time. They avoid the tedious task of shopping around for the best rates.


Flexible Stay Options

Display anything, from a week to a year’s worth of live inventory, with a clear and intuitive calendar view format.Ideal for extended-stay guests and serviced apartment providers, it makes trip planning in advance quick and easy, reducing the risk of booking abandonment.


Multilingual and Multi-Currency

The hi Internet Booking engine is available in 14 languages and supports all global currencies. Live exchange rates are fed via xe.com and because the IBE is Geo intelligent, it will detect the user’s location and default to their home language and currency.


Multi-Property, Room and Rate

Allow your guests to book multiple hotels, multiple rooms, multiple rates, and different room types, under different rate plans/special offers all under one booking. Cross-sell the properties within your group and ensure that no opportunities are missed because of a lack of availability


Abandonment Messaging

hi Internet Booking engine features automated abandonment messaging. This reduces the number of unfinished booking sessions by serving customizable popup messages if the user is idle or attempts to navigate away from the booking process. If an email address has been captured, the guest can be retargeted via email and upon their return, can be prompted to resume their previous session.


Profile Management

Profile management tools in the hi Booking engine allows users to set up and maintain a guest profile which can be used for express check-out, storing personal and payment details for fast check-out, accessing loyalty benefits, discounts or closed user group rates and managing their past, current & future reservations.


Enhance Your Stay

The integrated enhancement module within the hi booking engine allows the sale of everything from a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine, to spa treatments or a round of golf.  With numerous configuration options and pricing possibilities, it is the perfect tool to create additional revenue streams whilst personalizing and enhancing the guests experience when staying at your property.



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Clara Gutierrez is the Marketing & PR Manager for hi Inc. She has over five years experience in enhancing marketing solutions, planning innovative branding strategies, and developing international partnerships and media relations in the hospitality industry. Previously, she has also worked for lifestyle and fashion brands, covering the Spanish and UK markets.