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How You Can Boost Revenue from Customer Service

Posted on Jun 21, 2019 2:45:47 PM

A brand or product is no longer enough to keep a customer satisfied, but an experience that a customer can take away with them that will keep delighting is one that will stick.


Good customer experience ensures customers are not spending unnecessary amounts of time browsing or checking out before conversion, as the brand understands that their time is valuable. Time is money and there are short-term and long-term benefits to enhancing the customer experience.


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Here we explore different ways in which improving the customer experience can benefit your hotel and your brand today and tomorrow.  


Prioritize Customer Service

A simple notion in itself. Excellent customer service is key to retaining customer loyalty. This one speaks for itself. One bad experience and this could deter the customer from ever visiting your hotel or worse the whole hotel brand again, and this is not something that can be afforded.


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Website Optimization

User-friendly websites are paramount for the site visitor to easily navigate across your site. Simplicity is where it’s at. All high converting websites have this one factor in common. A few winning takeaways are ensuring your CTAs are clear and visible.


“It only takes 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your website.”

— 13 Website Design Best Practices for 2019, QuickSprout


Consistency across different web pages ensures that the same pattern reinforces familiarity, so that the viewer can easily recognize a call-to-action (CTA) and act on it. Simple navigation means clear and obvious design that speaks to the browser. Too much choice shows that over complexity causes confusion.

Fast Page Loading Speed

It is a ready known fast that slow loading times can lead to high page abandonment. This means that slow loading content converts less. Reduce your files images as one way to speed up your page loading time to avoid customers from abandoning your page.


“After a bad experience, 88% of consumers are unlikely to return to a website.”

— 13 Website Design Best Practices for 2019, QuickSprout



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Mobile Responsiveness

With mobile browsing as the new norm, a web page is easily judged by its responsiveness. According to QuickSprout, 94% of people will judge a website based on its responsive design.


“80% of the top websites are optimized for mobile devices.”

— Alexa Rankings, 13 Website Design Best Practices for 2019, QuickSprout

Discounts & Rewards

Offer your customers incentives to convert with you over your competitors. To compete among the market, you must be able to offer something entirely different or learn to separate yourselves from others.  Ensure you protect your bottom line while offering loyalty rewards or exclusive discounts that will make your customers feel special and valued, this will encourage them to spend with you again.



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Fast Check-Out

Make this process as simple as possible. Lower abandonment rates when it comes to a customers’ cart and support them with easy decision-making. Less time to ponder means less time hesitating and more time converting. You want to be sure that when a customer is ready to buy, checking out is as easy as pie.




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