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How In-Destination Travel Guides Can Benefit Travelers

Posted on Oct 30, 2018 3:00:00 AM

Today, people are increasingly making spontaneous decisions and impromptu plans. With the world at the swipe of a finger with smartphones as supercomputers, we have all the power to act on those decisions immediately.


Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

A 2017 Google report found that travel-related searches on mobile for keywords “tonight” and “today” have grown over 150% over the recent years. Occasionally, we experience spontaneous traveling and make last-minute planning. With city guides available in-stay at destinations and at hotels, here’s why they come in handy and can help you make the most of your travels without missing out or pre-planning weeks or months in advance.

"In fact, over half (52%) would be excited about tech travel innovations such as a digital tour guide, bringing them a truly bespoke experience."

— Booking.com News

Flexibility and Personalization


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In an age of digital technology, planning and executing a last-minute trip is easily within reach. This huge rise in the easy accessibility of travel planning — anytime, anywhere — and on mobile, allows for unparalleled flexibility.

"Over 70% of U.S. travelers agree that they “always” use their smartphones when traveling...
to research activities or attractions, to locate shopping areas and restaurants, or to look up directions"

— Think with Google: Travel Trends

This convenience brings about a rise in personalization, where savvy travelers opt for curated trips on a more experiential level, heavily relying on technology. Breaking away from mainstream travel experiences, markets have opened up to new opportunities with travel agencies shifting their focus onto bespoke traveling. Digital travel guides and self-guided tours are bringing unprecedented flexibility and personalization that caters to travel preferences that can match your every desire.


Localized and Cost-Effective


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There’s no better way to efficiently experience a destination wholesomely than to travel like a local. While guided tours might offer the option to soak up cities in an organized manner, they aren’t always the most budget-friendly nor particularly authentic, while self-research can yield similar, if not more fitting results to suit what you are looking for. American Express polled a group of its travel agents to ask them what trends they’re seeing: 

“Of them, 34% responded that their customers are “specifically looking to immerse themselves in the destinations they visit and to travel like a local.”

— Peak + Skift Present: The Rise of Experiential Travel

Travelers yearn to forge deeper connections to the people, traditions, and customs of a destination. As many hotels now provide digital travel guides as a free amenity, travelers are offered a more social travel experience that is particularly attuned to local culture. Available on the likes of a tablet or smartphone, travelers can stay updated with the latest finds and information. Gone are the days of multiple pamphlets and heavy guidebooks. Save money and travel lighter, allowing you to explore further, faster, and more authentically.


Hassle-Free Travel


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Way back when, to find a nearby product or service required energy and time, and often involving directories like the Yellow Pages. Often, travelers search for attractions, sights or food in their direct vicinity. 

“Mobile queries per user from hotel properties have grown 49% since last year, with many including the phrase ‘near me.’ Often people are looking either for a place to stay (‘hotels near me’ is a common term) or something to eat or drink (‘food near me,’ ‘breakfast near me,’ ‘restaurants near me,’ ‘bars near me’.)”

— Think with Google: Travel Trends

Travelers have never been better informed in this seamlessly connected era. A study by Phocuswright in 2017 found that 38% of bookings take place on the same-day or two-days before a trip and on a smartphone during a traveler’s journey. As spontaneity becomes the new norm, DIY and pre-planning are on its way out. With digital travel guides offering on-the-spot recommendations at your fingertips, you are one step closer to customizing your travel experience!


Go Forth and Explore

As the number of last-minute bookings increases alongside hospitality tailored technology — with 53% of them made within a week of a trip, and just 19% made in advance according to Phocuswright in 2017—it is now easier than ever to enjoy a truly spontaneous trip. Pull back from over-planning and recover some of the freedom that once made traveling so liberating. With the help of digital travel guides readily available in-destination, there’s nothing stopping you from traveling how you want, where you want, and when you want.



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