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How hi Inc. helps hoteliers reduce costs with the handy Smartphone and SmartDock?

Posted on Jun 10, 2019 8:50:00 AM


Our smart products can integrate with or replace a range of existing hotel systems. They simplify access to hotel services with in-room controls to deliver exceptional experiences.



Elevate the guest experience to the next level while driving better cost efficiencies for your hotel. Let’s look at how our smart products can help to lower your hotel’s outgoings.

The handy Smartphone is a complimentary guest amenity provided to travelers. An innovative mobile technology solution for the hospitality industry, it allows your hotel to extend your service footprint through our integrated platform. By integrating your facilities and backend system with the handy ecosystem, you will be able to build a relationship with your guests, offer customized services, as well as simplify the management of your properties.



Smart Controls at Your Fingertips

Guests can get all the in-room benefits starting from keyless door entry to overall in-room control — total and complete command over amenities within a hotel room. Elevated with new functions, the world’s first mobile operating system becomes more intuitive, meeting the needs of today’s mobile and digital travelers with greater speed and efficiency.

Concierge Assistance

Get one-touch access to the hotel concierge wherever you are, both inside and outside of the hotel. Call from anywhere, anytime with speed dial and free local and international calls.

Wi-Fi Hotspot On Demand

Wi-Fi Hotspot On Demand makes multiple device tethering possible.

As a hotelier, it costs you absolutely zero to provide this service. The value-add service delivers greater convenience to guests that enhances satisfaction during their stay. To keep it simple, the guest simply selects a plan that suits them with flexible time slot options. A personal login via the handy Smartphone enables connectivity on up to five personal devices.

In-Room Dining

While a simple ordering process and a well-planned dining experience can improve a customer’s experience while generating incremental revenue, through this service, hotels are able to maximize revenue and better track service requests.

Create more opportunities for room service orders to be placed and reach more guests. Customers can easily overcome language barriers with language options that make the ordering process more efficient and timely.  

Some winning features include:

  • Provides intelligent suggestions based on time and location.
  • Leverages the Push Messaging platform to attract guests back to the hotel.
  • Promotions can be created instantly, allowing for the disposal of distressed inventory.

“In terms of the financial dimension, the value of food waste generated by the UK hospitality sector is estimated at 2.5 billion pounds per annum.”

— Sage Journal, Food Waste at Hotel Breakfast Buffets

TripAdvisor Ratings

As a hotelier, you can capture feedback from guests during their stay. In the case of a negative review, handy can help to alert your hotel so that action can be taken straight away for rectification. Reputation management is kept intact in a controlled environment that promotes fast reaction and problem-solving.

“85% agree that a thoughtful response to a review will improve their impression of the hotel.”

— SiteMinder, Why reviews are the golden egg at your hotel

Hotels can also set a rating threshold and recipient email that will alert the relevant party whenever a sub-optimal rating is received. Relevant parties can then reach out to a particular handy smartphone user directly to rectify the situation with a personal touch.

Sub-Homescreen Banners

Guests can find all the necessary information about your hotel in customized sub-homescreen banners. Links can be added to hotel amenities, menus, events, and loyalty programs to help drive revenue growth. These banners can be easily managed via the CMS system, allowing hotels to track updates and make changes from the convenience of a single unified dashboard.



handy CMS

Our comprehensive back-end content management system (CMS) allows your hotel staff to easily:

  • Manage devices by monitoring, swapping and erasing data for all devices
  • Track all service requests (in-room dining, housekeeping etc.)
  • Plan, send and monitor targeted push messages to specific guests
  • View all TripAdvisor ratings and comments about your hotel
  • Automate business intelligence reports and insights
  • Get in-depth analysis into guest demographics and behavior data — enabling hotels to tailor service offerings to guests’ needs before they even arrive

Replace your traditional cordless phone with the handy Smartdock, the first step in transforming your hotel to a smart hotel.



Our proprietary SmartDock is the centerpiece of the modern hotel room. It replaces the hotel phone and other typical in-room amenities with smart connectivity. Enhanced features include stronger in-room Wi-Fi access, Bluetooth connection, and AI voice assistance. Working seamlessly with existing hotel systems, the handy SmartDock brings next-level technology into the hospitality space.

  • Seamless conversion between the handy Smartphone & SmartDock
  • High-quality music speaker
  • Wi-Fi access points and Wi-Fi repeater to increase operational efficiency
  • Dock charges up to three electronic devices
  • Full integration with hotel services
  • Hotel in-room phone replacement
  • Voice assistant — a guests’ own personal assistant



“ In 2020, we can expect to see more hotel properties leveraging a variety of smart tech to reduce operational costs, improve guest experience and exploit new sources of revenue. The opportunity is in the data. The successful properties will be the ones that invest in collecting and analyzing it in an actionable fashion.”

— John Attala, the marketing director for Verdant Environmental Technologies

To learn more about mobile technology and its benefits, read How Hotels can Use Mobile Technology to Serve Customers Better




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