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From Lookers to Bookers: 7 Smart Ways to Boost Direct Hotel Bookings In 2019

Posted on Jun 12, 2019 6:57:51 AM

With hoteliers trying to find a compromise with Online Travel Agencies, the hospitality war is becoming increasingly difficult.


One of the major challenges is to use all the variety of booking channels without losing the direct booking opportunity for your hotel. There is no denying that OTAs help hotels get more bookings with their amount of exposure, however increasing direct bookings is better for your business, helping to save costs from OTA intervention.


“After all, 20% saved is 20% earned!”

— Hotel News Resource, 8 Simple Ways to Increase Your Hotel's Direct Bookings


Hotel links leading to your website should be “everywhere”, shown at the right place at the right time, so that your customers can easily redirect to your site.

To keep this in mind,  here are some modern tips to increase direct bookings.


#1 Mobile-Friendly Website

People use their phones from 2hrs until 10 hrs a day for entertainment, work, shopping, checking the weather and even to booking a hotel room. If you want to adapt your bookings to these changing times you should create a responsive hotel website. Don’t forget about fast loading because slow websites might turn your clients away.


“...nearly 70% of the hotel website traffic comes from mobile devices resulting in over 40% of the total volume of sales.”

— Chatbots Life, 10 Smart Ways For Guaranteed Direct Hotel Bookings In 2019


#2 How Good is Your Booking Engine?

A hotel Booking Engine should help you check all the bookings and solve a variety of problems related to booking processes. For example, the hi Internet Booking engine is designed to increase conversion on your own hotel brand websites. By offering a best-in-class experience, you can boost direct bookings and reduce OTA commissions. Moreover, it allows your guests to book multiple hotels, multiple rooms, multiple rates, and different room types, under different rate plans/special offers all under one booking.

Click here to learn more about our booking engine software.


#3 Don’t Hide your CTA Button  

A clear and bold “Book now” button is a must-have on every hotel website. Let’s rather discuss how you can highlight it to make it more noticeable. You should use pop-up notifications to show your offers or compare your rates with OTA’s to show that direct offers are more profitable.


#4 Create an “I Can’t Miss It“ Thought

Creating a sense of missing out on an opportunity among customers that can improve your direct bookings automatically. This kind of psychological effect can work its magic on people who are indecisive and are prone to postponing. Send a message showcasing how many visitors are booking this room right now and how many bookings were made in the last 12 hrs.


#5 Optimize Your Hotel Searchability

To increase your search engine visibility you need quality content, effective keywords, strategic meta tags and links from trusted websites. For example, you can choose keywords depending on where you want to find your hotel in the search engine results pages.


“Do you want to rank well for “Hotel near Luton Airport”? Or “pet-friendly Manchester hotel”?

— Insights, Get more direct bookings the SEO way


When your keywords are ready, use the Google keyword research tool which helps you find the keywords that are most relevant for your business.

#6 Hotel Social Marketing

Since millennial travelers have the potential to affect other traveler groups, hoteliers need to focus more on social media. Great customer experience can generate high revenue just by sharing your hotel on social media platforms.


“Enticing customers with exclusivity can boost your volume of followers and engagement on Facebook, by treating your page more like a ‘club’.”

— SiteMinder, The Complete Guide to Hotel Marketing in 2019


Your marketing team can promote new deals on Facebook that are only available to customers who have liked your page. A simple promotion like “Book directly with X hotel and get a 10% discount on your accommodation” can trigger travelers to book directly. This is also known as targeting closed user groups. Social media can be used as a second website, such as when creating Facebook posts, creating the CTA button “book now”, can redirect a traveler to your online booking engine so your future guest can book with you direct.


#7 Correct Your Mistakes

Hotels can lose up to three-quarters of their bookers received during a booking period due to technology bugs. Not all can be fixed, but some can be handled in a smarter manner that will avoid such large losses.


“Like adding a cart recovery option to your existing booking engine, …

can help you recover close to 8% of your lost revenue.”

— Chatbots Life, 10 Smart Ways For Guaranteed Direct Hotel Bookings In 2019

Request a demo on our website to know more about how to drive toward your guest experience and revenue with hi Hotels.




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