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Are we asking the right questions to our Guests?

Posted on Apr 10, 2017 3:48:57 AM

It amazes me that with all the data and technology hotels are actually even paying for today, we are still sending post stay surveys or in-room surveys asking questions like how did you like our breakfast and does our room comes with enough amenities?

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If you still haven’t figure that out through all the reviews available online, don’t bother. You actually don’t care.

This makes me wonder if we are all asking the right questions to get answers that will help us create our marketing personas better and deliver service and experiences that will not only make a difference for our guests, but our revenues too.

Beyond knowing your sales channels statistics and top 10 markets, do you even have the right email address or can you cross link your segments and age groups with nationality? Do you know enough about your different segments to build personalized marketing campaigns to capture their attention?

Many hotels already have an abundance of guest data in their PMS but often that data is invariably messy. They have no way to access and analyse their data in a way that exposes the valuable insights that will help them take the guest communication and experience to a new level, encouraging brand loyalty and driving more direct revenue.

But, if you had the ability to target specific groups of guests based on things they have in common, you could start to tailor your messaging and ensure that each guest receives communications that are personal and relevant to their own interests.

There are reputable third-party Guest Review platforms that gives you sentimental data analysis on many facets of the hotel property including service delivery for improvement that can be deployed as in-stay guest reviews.

Wouldn’t you like to know what your guests are seeking in your destination during their stay, what is a purpose of their stay, which cities they visited prior, where they are going next, or which type of restaurants they are looking for.

We delivered handy to improve your ability to understand and engage with your guests, who increasingly expect a more personalized engagement with the brands they buy from.

Hospitality is firmly grounded on human contact and engagement. Even though technology redefines certain processes, marketing channels, organizational structure and way we communicate with our guests, we shouldn’t forget what is our primal focus- make your guests happy and pamper them during much needed vacation or intense business trip. Don’t do or employ something that makes only your life easier, but something that is of a true value to a person paying you.



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About Blog Author

Anja Levak a former Director of Hospitality Business at Tink Labs was in charge of business development and handy placement in hotels across Southeast Europe and Adriatic.

Delivering revenue growth and increasing brand recognition for high-end hotels, resorts, and restaurants is Anja’s passion and expertise. In senior leadership positions, she used innovative marketing initiates to start up and expand business for a portfolio of highly successful hospitality venues. Her work history includes efficiently and economically directing staffs in a wide range of marketing activities, including business growth, corporate relations, global sales, social media, guest services, and marketing research. She works closely in collaboration with operations in order to develop strong loyalty programs and upgrade the hotel chain services.

Ms. Levak holds a Masters of Economics from University of Economics, Croatia and is on board of Croatian Luxury Hotels Association and regional Tourist Board Council."