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8 Ways hi Inc. Can Help Implement Tactful Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques For Your Hotel

Posted on Jun 25, 2019 2:22:00 PM

As direct booking competes with OTAs more and more, the playing field widens and toughens when it comes to a hotel guaranteeing direct bookings. 


“The average hotel website conversion rate is 2.2%, with the tip 20% of hotels having an average conversion rate of 5.6% and the bottom 20% having a conversion rate of 0.3%.”

— Fast Booking, The Real Talk on Hotel Website Conversion Rates


The average hotel website conversion is 2.2.%

How can you compete and convert the remaining 97.8% of visitors book directly on your site?

visitors book directly on your site

Here we explore a few ways in which your hotel can help improve your conversion rates, by optimizing a few operations and processes, and investing in a few digital marketing tools. See results and start coming out on top.

Updated Rates & Inventory

It is important to ensure that your hotel rates and inventory is always up-to date. Room availability and prices shared with site visitors are expected to be in real-time and accurately reflected to avoid dissatisfaction. Should a room be unavailable due to outdated inventory, a dissatisfied customer is much less likely to book with you or visit your site again. 

Room availability and prices


Rate Parity

Ensure you display the cheapest rates available on your website. Monitor OTA’s who might be selling your hotel rooms cheaper than your website, so that you can make a change or suggest value-added services to your prices that offer an edge to visitors, encouraging them to book direct with you instead. 

A real-time widget tool on your booking engine, will help visitors compare prices with OTAs while staying on your site, so they won’t navigate away and get distracted by multiple open tabs. Visitors will be much more likely to make a booking on your site at that time if your rates are shown to be the lowest. This is one of the ways hotels can lower shopping cart abandonments.

“In the fourth quarter of 2017, Statista reported an 82.1% rate of shopping-cart abandonment for the travel industry.”

— Hotel News Now, How to Better Convert Online Direct Bookings


Rate Variety & Offers

Offer different types of rates to suit different traveler types and offers. Package deals can offer value-added services that OTA’s can’t and make the visitor feel valued. Special promotions are feature-rich and ensure the Best Available Rate (BAR) is offered without violating rate parity. Disparate discounts also help visitors help tell packages apart without adding too much to their thinking, avoiding confusion and simplifying decision-making. Don’t forget to merchandize your offer through personalized communications, such as pop-up notifications, banners and retargeting ads or emails.

Package deals


Clear Description & Images

Offer a frictionless experience on your hotel website. All images and descriptions should be up-to-date and highlighting the best features in places that are most viewed by a visitor. Keep images and descriptions the same across pages so that the content flows and this avoids confusion for the visitor. Use spaces to indicate best features such as room size or room views, instead of common guest amenities to draw in the potential customer. Stay fresh and relevant for best viewing. 


User Experience & User Interfaces

Invest in UX/UI improvements to ensure your site is user-friendly and flows seamlessly. The less clicks for the visitor the better. Also be sure to showcase your imagery and content in the best format for viewing, such as CTA buttons at the top of the page are easily found and navigable compared to being placed along the bottom of a scrollable page.

UX/UI improvements


Closed User Groups

Another way to avoid violating rate parity is by creating an exclusive environment for visitors to gain access to special deals offered by your hotel. Otherwise known as a private-offer function, this way guests can login to an account where they can see the offers that OTA’s can’t access and they can also be retargeted via email should they abandon their shopping cart. Offers can be further merchandized this way to create a level of exclusivity that makes the visitor feel special and valued when booking with you.


“Due to a login being required to access the offer, OTAs do not have the ability to shop it and penalize properties for violating rate parity.”

— Hotel News Now, How to Better Convert Online Direct Bookings



Hotels should invest in good analytical tools that can analyze website performance and conversion funnels to provide actionable insights. Look into applying methodologies that will improve conversion rates. All of the above contribute to providing accurate information that will make forecasting and strategizing easier in the short and long term. Learn how the average user behaves on your website, and create user flows that cater to their behavioral patterns that will lock them in earlier in your conversion funnels.




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