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7 Hospitality Technology Companies Providing the Future of the In-Stay Experience

Posted on Jan 29, 2018 9:12:45 AM


According to research by EyeforTravel there are seven guest experience solutions that hoteliers should consider when looking for the right technology.

With so many new hospitality technologies entering the market, it can be challenging for hotel managers to know what to consider. It’s important that the hotel industry keeps up with other travel companies to increase guest personalization and loyalty.

According to a case-study by EyeforTravel there are seven guest experience solutions that hoteliers should consider when looking for the right technology, we’ve categorized them as below.

In-room based technology



A voice-activated in-room personal assistant used with Amazon Alexa is available in multiple languages and acts as a replacement to hotel room telephones and guest directories. Dazzle can not only answer guests queries while they are in-room via voice control but also while they are outside of the hotel via Facebook Messenger. “It delivers specific responses very quickly. It positions the hotel as a trusted advisor,” - Charles Cadbury, Co-Founder at Dazzle Technology.


iRiS Guest Experience Platform is installed on a hotel tablet and available in multiple languages, for guests to control all their in-room technology using use one device. The software makes it possible for guests to control the lights, aircon and TV. The Guest Valet feature also allows them to order food or book a taxi from the comfort of one place.

In-room, In-destination, mobile & platform based.



handy is a smartphone-based platform that can be used inside or outside the hotel during a guests stay. The phone offers free domestic and international calls, free internet and a connection to the hotel at all times. The smartphone offers a Concierge Chat where the hotel and guests can chat, this can increase the efficiency of hotel staff’s services.

 “Using handy, the hotel has access to guests at all times whether the guest is inside or outside the property. Push messages can be received by guests giving the hotel a unique opportunity to advertise services such as spa offerings.” says Hammad Hussain, Managing Director of UK and Ireland, Tink Labs.


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In-destination based technology & apps


Stay Planner

Stay Planner is an online retail platform which guests can use to buy tickets to attractions and book hotel services such as spa treatments. The platform also provides information about hotel facilities and can help guests build their own itineraries during their stay. “By offering hotels intelligence on what the guest is looking for and what they are booking, we enable them to create special offers, deals and promotions to use services they know the guest is interested in” - Kasia Pankowska, Founder and CEO, Stay Planne


STAY- a smartphone app for guests to download on their smartphone contains a chatbot feature connected to Facebook Messenger, allowing guests to contact the hotel about information on their facilities or to book restaurants or events inside and outside the location. “Our Facebook Messenger Chatbot provides an automatic and efficient personal assistant 24/7, handling instant guest/concierge questions and housekeeping issues, as well as providing an instant booking service for all hotel facilities and amenities,” says Pablo Rodríguez, Marketing Manager, STAY.

Platform based technology



ALICE is an operations platform that serves both hotel staff and guests using different systems that join together. The first is the ALICE Concierge, this system allows hotel staff to log and organize all hotel guests requests such as wake-up calls and restaurant reservations into one system. This helps the staff provide guests with a more efficient service while simplifying their own work. The second part of the system is the ALICE Guest, this is accessed by guests using an app, website or phone to have direct contact with the hotel and receive updates and reminders about their requests.


The Cendyn Hospitality Cloud helps hoteliers store and organize data from a range of different hotel systems using guest’s history, preferences and more to create a profile for each guest. This information is then used to deliver personalized and timely communications across the hotels digital channels, as well as to create more meaningful and personalized relationships between hotel staff and guests.

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