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5 Things to Look for While Choosing a Hotel Booking Engine Provider

Posted on Jun 18, 2019 11:38:50 AM

Looking to integrate with a hotel booking engine or to switch your current provider? There are many points to consider but we’ve listed a few key features for you. Improve how your operate works and gain a competitive edge.


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Choose a booking engine provider that makes it easy for you to interact with its user interface. An easy to follow and seamless design means less steps when a visitor browses and books on your site. Multiple language and currency options also make your site accessible to international visitors to support your conversion rates.

You want staff to be familiar with how to use your new system, this allows for  more time spent on guests where it is needed. The ability to use a system to its full potential is the key to maximizing productivity.


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Mobile Responsive

Ensure your website caters to different devices — mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops — so that your visitors enjoy a pleasant experience. To secure a booking easily, minimal steps are ideal and room types plus availability should be easy to find. Ease conversion with helpful widgets that support price comparison directly on your site, so that your site visitor is less likely to gravitate away from your own hotel brand page. Direct booking is best when it’s easy to make in just a few clicks.

“67% of smartphone users say they’re more likely to purchase from a business’ mobile-friendly site.”

— The Booking Factory, 9 Features Hotels Should Look For When Choosing a Booking Engine

Automated Updates

Streamlining your hotel processes is key. To lessen manual input and human error, automating your hotel systems so that room rates are automatically updated on your distribution channels, means instant reflection where you are most easily found. This cuts down on time as a good booking engine will help you manage inventory across various channels. Should a room be booked on one site, this should reflect across all others to update your inventory accordingly in real-time for the best customer experience.


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Personalized Communication

Stay in touch with your bookers through closed user groups. With the opportunity to capture visitor information through account creation and login access, your hotel has the ability to reconnect with potential customers through email communication or pop-up notifications. You can remind visitors to return and complete an unfinished booking when a shopping cart is abandoned, provide booking confirmation or even value-added services.

Pop-up notifications are also a great way to engage with your customers’ booking mentality, as urgency messaging can drive conversion as hotels leverage real-time data to tap into deals worth promoting.

Data Analysis

Reports are key to providing you with actionable insights to base decisions on. Use the technology available to you to see how your promotions are performing, how your rates fare against others, and what your guests are attracted to. You will be able to deduct strategies to employ next in order to boost staff efficiency, enhance guest engagement and satisfaction, and drive revenue.




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