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5 Important Reasons Why Your Property Website Needs a Hotel Booking Engine

Posted on Jun 27, 2019 1:33:54 PM

What is a booking engine? This is a software that is embedded into your website and allows for direct hotel bookings to be made on it. Guests can browse your site and book your property online, as you sell rooms directly on your site and through other means, such as social media platforms.


“Nearly every travel brand knows that direct bookings offer a powerful opportunity to take control of their relationship with customers.”

— Switchfly, Skift, How Travel Brands Can Take Control of Customer’s Travel Booking Experience


A hotel booking engine can add a new revenue channel for your hotel. Interested in what a booking engine can do for your hotel? Read below to find out the reasons you should look into getting a booking engine for your hotel site.


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Your Hotel is Instantly Bookable Direct 24/7

Give guests a reason to book on your page direct, by ensuring your website is clear and easy to follow, they are more likely to book with you again in the future. This enables your hotel to sell and control your own inventory anytime and from anywhere as it works all the time. Hotel booking engines can help maximize your sales because you are not tied to working hours that require front desk staff, unlike traditional bookings. 


Less Commissions — Less Dependency

OTAs help increase brand exposure and level out the playing field against other OTAs, but they are also are an expensive investment. Obtain some direct bookings instead of through third-parties, lower your dependency and this will give you more control over your bookings. See which OTAs are really working for you and producing results, then reduce your dependency by half. You will pay less commissions while your hotel brand continues to gain traction and your website bookings directly increase your bottom line.


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You Control the Guest Experience

Provide a hassle-free experience when visitors browse on your website. Your hotel has the control to use branding throughout to mirror a positive experience across the board and ensure you are remembered. Functionality and clean design is key to providing a professional look that entices the visitor to keep coming back and book directly through your hotel site.


Offer Language & Currency Preferences

Set your hotel website to a default language and preference that makes the most sense to your visitors. Guests can have the ability to browse and book in the language that they understand the best, in the currency they prefer to purchase with at any time during their user journey. This enables personalization from the get-go, setting the scene with a positive experience that they can remember.


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Control Your Offers & Upsell

Build incremental revenue that builds enhanced guest satisfaction with offers and discounts that breed loyalty. You can upsell room types, packages and add-ons that increase your bottom line in addition to the initial direct booking. Provide guests with options that make the booking experience more creative but still simple for decision-making and exciting for their upcoming stay with you.


Learn more about which important features to keep an eye out for while considering a booking engine in Things to Look for While Choosing Hotel Booking Engine Provider.




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