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4 Ways to Make Your Brand Story Stand Out Against Competition

Posted on Jul 8, 2019 12:53:00 PM

The hospitality sector is widely competitive, so every hotel wants to stand out for all the right reasons and make a positive impression on potential guests. Content has become a vital weapon in hotel marketing and to get the best possible return on investment from this, you need a strategy.

But, what steps can you take to enhance your distinction and ensure you are on people's minds the next time they plan a break at your hotel’s destination?

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Know your goals

The first step to developing an effective content strategy is knowing what you want to achieve. Work out who you are, what messaging you want to put across, and what values you wish to project.

For example, a luxury hotel offering high-end services would promote itself very differently to a budget accommodation that prides itself on being cheap and cheerful, so understanding these fundamental differences can be crucial when you're developing your brand image.

Setting your goals in place will also help you to be consistent across platforms. Once you've worked out your identity and devised marketing messages around it, you need to portray this consistently. That means all your various promotional platforms need to be aligned and be part of a wider, cohesive strategy.

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Do your research

Any content strategy is worth building if it is founded on the basis of detailed research. What sort of content are your competitors producing? Are there any gaps in the market that you can fill? Having the answers to these questions will make it much easier to develop a strategy and deliver a genuine return.

Even the research of the psychological effects of colors and the visual elements of branding make their impact by evoking different responses as they greatly influence the moods and feelings of individuals.


Persona profiles

Put together persona profiles that give your target audience a human element. These are representations of your customer base and detailed profiles need to be developed via surveys, interviews and research. Once you have your personas set up, you can produce content confidently, knowing that it speaks to your target audience directly and should catch their attention.

Don’t ignore that the best marketing campaigns are the ones that are updated and move with the times, so keep a beady eye on the insights from your CRM tools and customer feedback forms on a regular basis. It helps to ensure you are staying relevant to your target audience and either stealing a march or keeping pace with your rivals.

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Compile a content calendar

This will be a structured guide about what content you will produce, when and in which platform they will be published — ensuring you have a strategic and targeted approach to delivery. Try to make it as detailed as possible including the above — goals, research and persona profiles.

Visual content has taken over as one of the key tools for marketers, but there are so many options out there, by following these mentioned steps you will easily find the ones to focus your efforts on!







About Blog Author

Clara Gutierrez is the Marketing & PR Manager for hi Inc. She has over five years experience in enhancing marketing solutions, planning innovative branding strategies, and developing international partnerships and media relations in the hospitality industry. Previously, she has also worked for lifestyle and fashion brands, covering the Spanish and UK markets.