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4 Red Flags You Are Choosing the Wrong Hotel Management Software

Posted on Jun 17, 2019 11:15:00 AM

The importance of choosing the right hotel management software is vital when it comes to bottom line profitability, overhead expenses, and efficiency.  A modern hotel management software system offers basic functionalities such as metrics from which your hotel can base business strategies on.


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Not sure if you have made the wrong choice? It is never too late to assess the situation. As the hospitality market evolves, so do management systems and your needs and priorities. To ensure your hotel management software is the right one for you at this time, review our 4 red flags below to see how you can spot telltale signs and make changes to stay ahead of competitiveness.


Fragmented User Flow

The hotel management software should have a seamless user flow. With a fluid interface design, hotel managers and employees should find that the system supports them and helps them simplify their life. Lots of clicks and drop-downs multiple times are a sign this hotel management system may not be for you.


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Third-Party Site Barrier

Enabling bookings through third-party sites is a positive attribute to drive greater exposure to your hotel. “85% of travelers say price is the most important factor when booking a hotel” says Dan Taylor, content writer at Capterra. To be able to provide a variety of prices to travelers where you can easily be found is a factor your hotel management system should be able to support to help you maximize profitability.


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Mobile Unresponsiveness

Ensure your hotel management software is compatible with mobile devices. Responsive for on-the-go review and analysis allows your hotel to be more agile and responsive to data, your staff and your customers.

“Hotel bookings on mobile devices surged by 67% in the U.S. in 2016”

— Capterra


Value for Money

Your hotel management system is too expensive. Justify expensive software with the results you are getting. Is it improving your bottom line? A smooth and efficient system should simplify operations, not overcomplicate and help provide you with more time to focus on your guests.




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