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4 Digital Hospitality Trends to Watch in 2019

Posted on Jun 13, 2019 6:53:06 AM

The technology that the hospitality industry uses is focused on ensuring guests can enjoy their experience through the entire travel experience — since the moment they book their accommodation with you until they leave the hotel.


It provides better customer service than ever before by ensuring guests can get what they want when they want it — from global distribution to booking optimization, smart guest room technology, and data-driven intelligence.


Photo by Ales Nesetril on Unsplash


Understanding and implementing the latest technology trends can give your hotel a boost, attracting more customers and improving satisfaction levels at the same time, making it a worthwhile investment.


What are the digital trends we can’t afford to ignore?


Guest Data

Knowledge is power. Knowing how to use customer data allows you to know your guests better to improve their experience and uplift your revenue.


Many hotels and groups are sitting on a wealth of guest data, routinely collected over the years via the hotel PMS. Too often this data is ignored, used only for sporadic marketing campaigns and check-in/check-out purposes. But now there are easier ways to analyze and understand guest preferences to deliver personalized guest experiences in real-time, including targeted pricing.


Personalization is nothing new in marketing. However, it can rise to another level with technology that is increasingly used to aggregate customer data and deliver a more personalized experience for guests. This is one trend that could be leveraged instantly by segmenting customer lists and targeting guests based on what you already know about them. Cross-sell and upsell, identify loyal VIP customers and draw more direct bookings by taking control of the customer journey.


A good example of collecting data is our hi Intelligence platform which provides actionable insights through valuable data and analytics, revealing new opportunities for growth. Learn more about hi intelligence here.



Photo by Gilles Lambert on Unsplash


Smart Products

In this digital age, engagement is critical and smart products can seamlessly integrate with or replace a range of existing hotel systems to deliver exceptional guest experiences. They cover a huge, ever-growing range of products that hotels can tap into.


Built-in technologies can deliver a hyper-personalized experience through smart-room automation and tailored communication. The guest experience is elevated to the next level while uplifting ancillary revenue and driving better cost efficiencies for hoteliers. Why not make things easier for your guests by offering, for instance, simple access to hotel services and in-room controls with a seamless technological device?


handy SmartDock is a hardware that is designed to be at the heart of a modern smart room. It replaces the hotel phone and other typical in-room amenities, adding stronger Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, alongside voice assistance and other features. Working seamlessly with existing hotel systems, the handy SmartDock brings hospitality technology into the modern age.


Refined Bookings

It is not new in the hospitality industry that hotels want to power their online presence and drive direct bookings. But nowadays, there are many new features that a one-platform solution can have — find out more about the back/front end features of hi Booking Engine here.


Bespoke and seamlessness is always key, as well as making it all about your brand. However, delivering personalized and enhanced services throughout the guest journey can also start from the booking experience, which can be done from any device.



Digital influence

As part of hotel marketing solution trends, it is important to remember that managing your online reputation and comparing your positive and negative reviews versus competitors continues to be vital for hoteliers. With online reviews controlling the decision-making process of potential guests, it is imperative to manage a hotel’s online reputation.


Did you know that hi intelligence gives a 360° view of all reviews and ranking throughout several channels? Hotels can have a snapshot of their online reputation with efficient management, interaction and complaint resolution from a central dashboard.


What once served as an asset to marketing is now an integral and vital part of any hotel revenue management strategy.




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Clara Gutierrez is the Marketing & PR Manager for hi Inc. She has over five years experience in enhancing marketing solutions, planning innovative branding strategies, and developing international partnerships and media relations in the hospitality industry. Previously, she has also worked for lifestyle and fashion brands, covering the Spanish and UK markets.