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3 Ways to Drive Hotel Direct Bookings Through Design

Posted on Jul 12, 2019 7:53:00 AM

There are many ways to drive conversion on your hotel website and design is just one of them. An important factor to consider when designing and setting up your website, design tactics can help simplify the way a visitor browses and books on your site. Starting with simple navigation to visual cues and adaptive or responsive designs, learn how you can adopt these tips and revamp your website for a better customer experience to drive direct bookings.

booking hotel using laptop

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Here we explore 3 ways in which design can attract motivational guests and improve your conversion rates.

Simple Navigation

A familiar feeling created through predictable design is a surefire way to ensure easy navigation. Westerners read from left to right with expectancy on cta buttons being located in the top right hand corner of a website. Scrolling functions akin which follow natural human movements aid the design by cutting down the thinking time.  The less thinking the easier the decision-making process, making it as simple and possible for the visitor to flow through your website with just a few clicks.


Make sure the most important sections you want to be seen first are located at the front and top of your pages, and displayed in a straightforward manner. Labels are also equally important. Avoid superfluous descriptions and stick to conventional naming such as restaurants and dining over Edible Delights that can easily be recognized. 

navigation icons

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Visual Cues

Use arrows and iconography to draw in the attention of customers. Bold lines and graphics that convey meaning in one simple image can immediately capture attention. Cta buttons fall under this category as an important measure to converting your direct bookings. Ensure they are easily spotted, in places where they can be seen at a glance, with a direct message that encourages action. They need to be readily clickable and correctly hyperlinked to aid the user flow and avoid drop-offs. Distinct shapes and bold, contrasting colors are a way to make your cta buttons stand out.


“Contentverve.com reveals that making their CTA copy more relevant to customer yielded over a 200% boost in conversions.”

— Contentverve, 10 Call to Action Case Studies Examples from Button Tests

Adaptive &/Or Responsive Design

With mobile optimization of prime importance for today’s digital traveler, it is important to ensure your hotel website responds and adapts to different mobile technology. Mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops are all ways in which travelers book and with portable devices that are more readily used on-the-go, hotel websites should be able to easily adapt. Many travelers make last-minute bookings on portable devices, making it even more important to ensure your hotel website is mobile optimized. 


“32% of solo travelers booked last-minute flights during Q1 2015 in the United States.”

— Statista, Share of Last-Minute Travel Bookings in the U.S. 2016 by Travel Group


There are two ways in which a hotel website can cater to different devices, adaptive and responsive. Both mean managing one site with no need for site redirection and deliver a cohesive experience across all devices, but are set up in different ways. 

Man using phone

Photo by Rohit Tandon on Unsplash

Adaptive is more expensive but faster and means your hotel website responds to the device it is being loaded on, by removing elements that have been pre-designed not to show on the page. Only the most important elements are shown and a scrollable function may come into play more for scrollable screens which follow natural hand movements.

Responsive is cheaper but loads slower and is pre-designed to fit specific screen sizes when loaded onto certain devices. In either case, being able to cater to the different behavioral needs of your site visitors are key to ultimately converting with your design.

To learn more about direct bookings and what more you can do to drive them, read How hi Inc. can be your helping hand in implementing tactful “Conversion Rate Optimization techniques” for your hotel.



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