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3 Great Reasons to Choose hi Booking Engine

Posted on Jun 5, 2019 9:30:00 AM

hi Booking Engine is a fast, feature-rich and fully connected e-commerce engine optimized for the mobile world.  It provides a seamless and personalized experience that increases reservations cost-effectively with direct connections to Meta-Search distribution channels.


Shopping online is one of the most popular, convenient and enjoyable experiences for many consumers. Everyone now has access to all the necessary information and purchases in one place.

The hospitality industry is no exception and to make your website visitors engage, consider and book with you, the site itself will need to be sleek and responsive, as well as having a fast, feature-rich booking engine to make an effortless and pleasant buying experience online possible.

When you look at two different hotel booking engine systems from rival sites, it is probable that the shopping cart experience looks the same. However, as soon as you start engaging with it, you may easily find numerous reasons not to continue with the purchase.

Investing in the right hotel booking engine and having a clear strategy in place to reach consumers from your own channels is important to be able to compete in the market.


Today’s hotelier recognizes the value that personalization has on the guest experience. The more guests feel that every aspect of their experience is tailored for them, the greater the likelihood that they will spend more on-property and return again and again.

But in today’s competitive market, truly savvy hotel executives realize that it is no longer enough to only customize during the guest stay. Personalization needs to extend to the booking process, where the right tools can give hotels the means to increase conversions.  Customized content and engagement can deliver more direct bookings, boost reviews & recommendations and increase loyalty.

Power your online presence and drive direct reservations online with hi Booking Engine, designed to help grow your hotel brand through a well-connected global distribution platform.

Enjoy direct, redirection-free bookings and enhanced conversion rates.


Discover 3 of the main reasons behind the popularity of hi Booking Engine:

Power Selling:

Our booking engine offers strike-through pricing displays and periodic prompts to create a sense of urgency and generate direct bookings. These custom notifications are designed to enhance conversion, together with the active room listings — with value messaging and social endorsement — which also reassures an improvement on the results of your website’s sales performance. Our Booking Urgency Messaging includes:

- Latest booking made

- Rooms remaining

- Discounted prices with slashed pricing

- Customizable slide-in / pop-up messages

Personalized Pricing

Our data platform takes control of the customer journey with predictive analytics, encouraging them to book direct. It incorporates what we know about guests: their stay patterns, what they spend on, and how much they spend. This allows us to serve them with a tailored rate that’s truly unique to them.


No redirections. Ever. There’s no break in your brand’s visual identity - it maintains brand consistency beautifully, from search through to booking and beyond.

To learn more about our hi Booking Engine ancillary features, read What ancillary items are offered by hi Booking Engine?


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Clara Gutierrez is the Marketing & PR Manager for hi Inc. She has over five years experience in enhancing marketing solutions, planning innovative branding strategies, and developing international partnerships and media relations in the hospitality industry. Previously, she has also worked for lifestyle and fashion brands, covering the Spanish and UK markets.